Colette, Cotton, Hawthorn, Plaid

Colette hawthorn update

Untitled by SewSleepy

Grunge Hawthorn Front by SewSleepy

After a fabulous weekend camping I got back home in the mood for sewing.  So I whipped up a Hawthorn in a day.  This is an intermediate pattern –  but don’t be scared.  The hardest part for me was finding a supply of 15 buttons.

The fabric is plaid cotton and is so lovely.  The collar took the longest but the rest just assembled itself – well not literally.  I had hoped to put it in the contest and it looked like I was too late  – very sad face -but fortunately there is to be a second round so fingers crossed my beautiful grungy picnic blanket dress will go through.  Either way I win as I get to wear it.  If the weather stays good I will be taking it to the zoo tomorrow.

Full write up tomorow…


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