Blazer, By Hand, Victoria

Victoria Blazer. By Hand London.

Well I’ve made it and if you had asked me at the beginning of the year “could I make a jacket?”  I would have replied “not a chance”.  The pattern is brilliant and there are some very wonderful and beautiful versions out there, but I’m afraid to stay this isn’t one of them.  I have to say that I am not in love with mine and it has nothing to do with the pattern – which is fabulous and so very well supported on the web site that even I could make this.  I’m not in love because of my styling.  Others have done the shell in a gorgeous to die for pattern – but mine is solid navy.  Very functional but far from exciting.  Others have contrasting collar and main shell – mine is very tame. I had considered – and may still do this – having the collar, cuffs and lapels made out of the very same, lovely navy polka dot that I have lined it with.

I’ve not made many things so far that have been this plain.

So I am proud of the shape, the size, the finish on the cuffs, collar, lapels.  I didn’t enjoy easing those sleeves but they really are quite good.  I traced this pattern something I have never done before.  I love the way when I turned the whole thing inside out at the end – I ‘m sure there’s smoke and mirrors involved- but it actually looked well, properly finished.   I’m so glad I made it as I can see my dream of making my own cosy winter coat coming ever closer.  I also love the pockets and as the instructions mention – I will be unpicking side seams to add pockets from now on on every dress – genius.

So it may just need a really nice brooch or button, or maybe the contrasting cuffs and /or lapels and collar.  Maybe you have some ideas cos it really does need some help.  Please let me know any suggestions in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Victoria Blazer. By Hand London.”

  1. I think this is great as it is! Solids are always super versatile and, rather than tame and boring, they can look really chic. You don't wanna be galavanting around in prints all the time… or do you? 😛 Think it's too late now for most of my suggestions – a contrasting patch chest pocket, piping, contrast top-stitching, little bit of embroidery somewhere… Though honestly I think it looks amazing as it is! Find yourself a nice brooch, or even a nice light scarf to accessorise with. I'm getting all cliche here, but it's like a blank canvas! Okay I'll stop.
    Really well done though – definitely doesn't look handmade! Love the polka dots!


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