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Review of 2013 The wearable scrapbook

Well when I think that at the start of 2013 I could not sew (I did own two sewing machines though – another story) I feel very proud of how far I came and also of every item I made. That’s not to say they were all good but each one reminds of the time I made it and its like a wearable scrapbook.

 So it all began from a Google search and a longing to be creative and ended with a really cool hobby and a daily addiction to reading sewing blogs.

  So first there was Alma – which taught me I don’t like peter pan collars and that chiffon sari scarf fabric is not the easiest first sew fabric. I also fell in love with independent patterns and invisible zippers.Then there was Ginger which taught me that with single sided fabric it is really important to fold the fabric wrong sides out before cutting – My coudroGinger was actually cut to have the coudroy on the inside and required some – ahem bodging- to get it to work but it is wearable although kicks out a bit in a strange /un ginger like way. It also introduced me to Colette patterns which I fell for big time.

 There was two Laurels – one knit and one strange sparkly sari blue. The knit I’ve worn lots and lots. I also entered into a competition with these

There was a really wearable Mathilde – which also ended up being my most read post of last year after Tilly retweeted the photo I sent her – Thanks Tilly This I’ve worn to several friends birthdays and also my trip to London to buy fabric.

  There was a beautiful Hawthorn – in plaid that kinda matches up that i wore to my daughters 2nd birthday

 A made-by-rae buttercup bag – think i need the bigger pattern though as I like to carry a lot of stuff

 There was a Staple dress that I wore to see Matilda the musical with my mum and other daughters 8th birthday. This i always wear with a chunky belt so it may need more elastic next time – shirring is so much fun

 Then there was my last project of the year Victoria Blazer – which I loved making but think I need a more tailored – less eighties style pattern and that i need to have more adventurous fabric choice – it was a bit dull. I had hoped to make an avocado hoodie but that is still to be made and will probably have more adventurous fabric as the choice I had in mind was a bit dull – see learning from my blazer mistake.  What I really love about all these is that I remember not only where I have worn them but also when I made them and what we were doing at the time. Some clothes remind me of the film that I watched whilst sticking the printed pattern together or the music I was listening to whilst assembling it   I have learnt so much in a year and wonder what I will have achieved by this time next year. Next post I will tell you about my plans for 2014 until then thanks for reading


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