Grainline Scout

As you may remember I had planned to make a top that looks like the top on the left using an independent pattern.

I chose to use Grainline Scout for woven fabric. I used a poly cotton in navy and white floral. Navy is a favorite of mine.  I wanted to make the top following the pattern before hacking it to be more like the top on the left.  The pattern was easy to make and came together very quickly.  I also – for the first time – graded my pattern as I am between sizes and this worked well.  I chose poly cotton as this year I am wanting to discover more about fabric and what I like to wear.  Polycotton is very cheap and readily available as well as being easy to cut so a good place to start but a false economy if I don’t wear it.
I actually made this sometime ago but today was nice and sunny so I took pictures.  Still not overly confident about having my picture up it is on my dress form – maybe I should name her.    The one thing I have changed is I have added 3 inches to the hem as I felt it a bit short so now it is a wearable toile.  Off to start on the black star poly cotton and net version.  nervous as I have never strayed away from a pattern so far.
Have a great weekend

Also a big Thank You sooooo much if you voted for my Valentines design I came 2nd and am very very happy.   


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