First make in a while …

Ok well today has been so much fun because today I dusted off my sewing machine and made something.  I have been away for far too long but hope to get back into the swing of it with regular sewing projects and a whole new wardrobe of fantastically fitted clothes.

I have made a plan of what I want to make.  I wanted to use a lot of the books and patterns that I had already in my collection and make them with fabrics that I have designed.  I also wanted them to build in difficulty.

My first make is the easiest thing that I have ever made and so instant gratification.  There are no difficult fitting issues or complex patterns instructions.  It is also completely free and available here as well as also to be found in Tilly Walnes book Love at First Stitch

The first make is the Brigitte scarf.  This is a simple and versatile scarf and also a great introduction project for those just starting out using a sewing machine.

Here is the finished item

I hope that I’ve inspired you to give this a go and would love to see your versions.  The fabric is available through spoonflower and woven monkey.

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