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At the beginning of this year I knew the time was right to get back to sewing. I started to see Instagram images popping up all over the place, showing what people planned to sew in 2017.  All the post were tagged #makenine2017 so I thought I would investigate.

My investigation led me to one of my favorite blogs Lucky Lucille . In this post she gives you more details, but to sum up it a visual goal of patterns to complete the following year.

Rochelle has put both sewing and knitting projects in her 9 but for mine I stuck with sewing as my knitting skills at present are limited to scarfs.

I really liked this process as it meant that I looked at patterns and worked out which combination would be the best.  I want all my new projects to be wearable and  I also want to challenge myself with new techniques.  I don’t want lots of party dresses as I rarely go to parties.

Here is the final list of 9 projects I hope to make this year.


  1. Margot pj’s –  because they should be simple to make and i love pj’s
  2. Delphine Skirt – I don’t often wear skirts but i really like the shape
  3. Clemence Skirt – A bit more casual than the delphine
  4. Driftless Cardigan – I do love a cardigan with pockets
  5. Lark Tee – there are so many variations
  6. Virginia leggings – A fun challenge with some trickier fabric
  7. Anna Dress – everyone looks great in this dress
  8. Sorbetto top – just nice and summerery
  9. Undercover Hood – getting warm for next winter

Let me know what you think below in the comments.  Also if you’ve made them and have handy hints let me know that too.

What are your plans for 2017?   You can follow my instagram makenine2017 here



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