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Margot Pajamas (at a tortoise pace)


Margot Pajamas Tilly & the Buttons

So I am super happy to be able to let you know that I have completed my first sewing project of 2017 and also the first of my #makenine2017. The Margot Pajamas from Tilly  Walnes book Love at First Stitch.

I started the year wanting to get back to sewing and my sewing blog, which you may have noticed  has had a bit of a revamp.  Still lots to do but I feel some of the cobwebs are gone.

I talked about slow sewing in my last post and am really happy to say that this seems to be working for me.  Each day I sew the next stage in the instructions and if that means that it take me over 2 weeks to make the pajamas then that’s how long it takes.  This slow and steady tortoise pace definitely makes me feel that I’ve won the race.  I would recommend this to anyone who believes that they have no time to sew.  Not only am I more productive but I am not rushing and my sewing is better in quality.

I am trying to sew this year by shopping my stash first.  I don’t have the biggest stash of fabric but I don’t really know what I have and feel that with this restriction I will be more focused.  Also many of my nine are patterns that I already owned; so I will using my pattern stash too.

For the Margot Pajamas the book suggests light to medium weight cotton.  Amongst the stash was a quilting cotton I had bought from Hobbycraft in a sale.  It was blue and had branch motif on it.  although it was a bit short in length I thought it worth a go as I have short legs.  This actually worked out well.

I am trying to challenge myself with each new project and whilst pajamas are the perfect beginners project I did still learn lots.

  • This is the first pattern that I have ever traced. I used the outline method  which worked well but would like to try using dressmakers carbon tracing method next time which looks really quick and gives a clean trace.
  • I need to remember that the pattern pieces will go round a 3D object (me) and will probably not lay flat, and that its ok and not to worry.  I think I was mainly worried that I had not traced the pattern properly and now I have done this successfully I will feel confident next time.
  • Zig zag finish is nice but as I have an overlocker I should use it.
  • Pressing make sewing easier and the finish is better. Sewing a stage a day made me less likely to skip the pressing stage.







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