Hello, I’m Sarah .

I am a dressmaker, sewcialist or sewer, not sure which phrase I prefer.

This year I had decided that I need to sew for the everyday.  Whilst it is lovely to have beautiful party dresses this year is all about producing a fully functioning, workable, everyday wardrobe of handmade wonderfulness.

I am another sewing scientist, I have worked in ecology and entomology research.  I still love science but, I am currently running my own surface pattern design business.  A big difference, but still just as challenging, I’ve been slowly building for the past year and learning through my mistakes.

I have lots of unfulfilled travel goals and have serious wanderlust but I also love nothing more than being at home, drinking coffee and making stuff. Future plans are Iceland, Japan and New Zealand.

I really love being a part of the sewing community, and I have been to meetups and weekenders, so maybe  I will see you at one of these one day.

My reasons for blogging are varied but mostly

1  To record  my progress in dressmaking
2  To share what is good and bad to help the reader with my pattern reviews
3  Support Independent Pattern Designers and the sewing community
5  Produce a wardrobe of well fitting clothes in colours and patterns to suit my personal style
6  Reduce my stash of fabric
7  Promote forever fashion – as opposed to fast fashion

My blog is called Sew Sleepy as I mostly sew at night.


Header image by Annie Spratt found through unsplash